Sunday, 8 December 2013

Paul Flowers: Remember Me?

Furious churchgoers have been asked to pray for the disgraced ex-bank boss and Methodist minister accused of taking drugs.
Worshippers in Paul Flowers’ flock were outraged the former Co-op chairman failed to apologise to them after his arrest.
One said: “The very least we expected was an open letter from him to parishioners giving us his feelings about it.”
Instead they were stunned by one from his colleague the Rev Louise Carr asking them to “pray for Paul”.
Her letter offered to pass messages to him and warned them not to talk to the media about him.
A male parishioner who got the letter last Sunday stormed: “It really sticks in the craw.
"It’s an absolute outrage the church can gag the congregation and yet Flowers stays silent.
"He should be sending his thoughts and prayers to us for the damage to the church’s reputation this has caused.”
Last month Rev Flowers, 63, was filmed in his car allegedly handing over cash for drugs.
He was accused of taking crack, crystal meth and ketamine and hiring rent boys. He has since said he is “seeking professional help”.
The minister, dubbed the “Crystal Methodist”, has been suspended from overseeing churches in the Bradford area.

What with Tom Daley coming out and Nelson Mandela dying it's been quite a busy week for news.
So kudos to the Mirror for finding some space and an in-no-way nebulous excuse to drag Paul "Drugs Shame" Flowers' name through the mud once more.
Been quite awhile since we've heard some silly inconsequential nonsense about him.
Would even a parish newsletter have thought the above worth reporting?
Even with the clearly made-up quotes from "outraged" parishioners?

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