Saturday, 29 March 2014

Brian Sewell: How Queer!

I am queer – an old-fashioned term with which I am more comfortable than gay, which seems a silly and unsuitable word for my predicament. I have always been queer – my first enlightenment when I was eight. I have never lied about it, never denied it, but I did learn to dissemble, which is why I think of it as a predicament, a menacing situation...

The anti-gay marriage Telegraph has not one, but two touching videos of some poshgays getting gaymarried. Exciting times!


  1. My predicament?

  2. I'm not surprised Brain Sewell likes to describe himself as queer. He undoubtedly is, in the proper meaning of the word as strange or odd.

  3. The first couple to get married were 31 and 20 years old. Getting married at 20??? Jesus. Maybe we'll see a new breed of uber-conservative, anti-porn anti-sex pro-government, pro-military conformist Tory gay strain of gay Tory gay, with a marriage, children and a mortgage before they hit 25.

    I love Brian Sewell. I know I say that every time you post a piece by him, but I plan to say it every time you post a piece by him...