Saturday, 22 March 2014

Brixton Fairies: Made Possible By Squatting

Thanks to Davey. x


  1. Amazing little film. I lived in a mixed gay/feminist/socialist squat in Clapham in the mid to late 70's. All those discussions over plates of brown rice from the food co-op, all the direct action and protests, the flyposting and cracking open places for more squatters.....Best education imaginable, and the best of times.

  2. It is a great wee film , and very significant in the history of ("gay") liberation as the liberation of all AND radical social transformation.....NOT what has become the desperate clamour to be allowed to join the conservative establishment -
    *Plea Bargaining*
    Acquit us , we can’t help ourselves
    we were born this way
    who YOU find attractive is already fixed at birth
    ( isn't it.....? )

    accept us in the military forces of the state
    to be able to kill and die in the interests
    of imperialism and big business
    It would be an honour
    ( wouldn't it..... ? )

    Let us be compulsive consumers in a commercial ghetto
    driven by drink , drugs and disposable sex
    always looking for the next fix
    Image is everything
    ( isn't it..... ? )

    let us conform to exclusive bottom/top roles
    so we can imitate stereotypes
    we were born that way too
    ( weren't we..... ? )

    Allow us to participate in the historically oppressive institution of matrimony
    the confinement and subservience of woman as mother
    - after she has "been given away" by one man , her father
    to another man , her husband -
    So we can pass as equally“normal”
    ( can't we.... ? )

    Please , Please , Hear our Pleas

    Davy Marzella

  3. Great - thanks to all.