Friday, 21 March 2014

Charlotte Richardson: QUEER!

Hello, my name is Charlotte Richardson and I am QUEER!
You heard me - QUEER!
Get used to it!
QUEER is what I am.
I say QUEER therefore I am a radical QUEER!
If you call yourself QUEER no-one will guess you went to Roedean.
If I write QUEER yet again maybe you'll forget how insufferably posh I am.
I am bourgeois.

Charlotte Richardson - clue's in the name - writes for Guardian Online, when not running her own personal gymkhana.
She is QUEER! and not at all posh.

Didn't 'queer' once mean something beyond some silly posh posturing?

PS 'Such complaints are not unusual from middle-class children' - Yeah Yeah Noh.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe I am finally reading an article of yours which:

    a) I fully agree with.
    b) I think is, if anything, too kind.

    She isn't just tiresome, her argument is petulant and illogical.

    "Straight allies: we’ve heard your solidarity – now make room for us to sing our own stories."

    I don't really care for Macklemore, and am not particularly interested in songs about coming out, gay pride etc. But his song is not preventing any 'queer' people from releasing their own songs. The music market is relatively unprejudiced in this respect compared to other markets. If they are good enough/irritatingly catchy enough, then people - gay and straight - will buy them.

    Here she brings up a question that is fair enough but which she doesn't seem to be willing or able to relate to her main complaint (that 'queer' artists are marginalised):

    "What if queer love isn’t the Same Love after all? What if queer love is lewd, anti-establishment, anti-capitalist?"

    "What about us queers who aren’t interested in heteronormative standards of love, or courting respectability?"

    Charlotte seems to be trying to have it both ways; she wants to be beyond the pale and invited to the official reception. She wants anti-capitalism and, er, commercial success. It's up for debate which (if either) one should want, but it's being a bit arsey to expect both at once.

    I think you are probably bang on about her compulsive use of the word 'queer'. Your parody was an understatement.

    I'm not used to agreeing with you. I'll go and have a lie down now.