Friday, 28 March 2014

Gay Marriage: Thank You Saint Peter!

New Statesman.

How kind of the famously modest Mr Peter Tatchell to take credit for single-handedly giving us gay marriage.


  1. The article doesn't say that though does it? It's about those campaign organisations that were not satisfied with Civil Partnerships and once again the role of the ECHR. There's a reason the Daily Mail and right wing hate the ECHR.
    This is just another salvo between the militant gays and the middle class, "moderates" of Stonewall. You claim Ben Summerskill is a decent man, but it seems he's happy to take the credit for, well, everything. This profile made me puke:

  2. That's hilarious, he really does take a whopping amount of credit. Is it possible he really did make it happen? (being from Santiago, I'm not familiar with the history)

    1. The internet. Where complete ignorance of the subject is no barrier to expressing an opinion.