Monday, 31 March 2014

James Middleton: The Digested Read

Nice beard!
James has a beard too, not a shaggy Brad Pitt one but a regal affair, with up-swirling curlicues, which he likes “to twizzle”. He looks like Tsar Nicholas II (“God don’t, everyone keeps saying that,”) down to the heavy lids and pronounced eyebrows...

Like his sisters, he attended Marlborough College. “I didn’t struggle but I wasn’t at the top of the year, in fact I was pretty much at the bottom..."

For the past year, Middleton has been in a relationship with the presenter Donna Air. “Am I getting married? What a ridiculous question. Um, we’re enjoying our relationship as it is now. We’ve made no future plans, but then I couldn’t see myself doing marshmallows a year ago.

“If you’d asked me what I would be doing this time next year, it wouldn’t have been marshmallows because I hadn’t had the idea, so things can turn round quickly. But I’m 26. I’m young. She’s 34…” he struggles for a moment as if to remember, “or maybe 33.”

A gripping interview with James Middleton in the Evening Standard - the talented Master Middleton has a new instagram/marshmallow venture, Boomf!

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