Monday, 24 March 2014

Looking: For Love

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Looking, but Sky Atlantic’s imported drama about gay men – and one woman, the formidable Doris – snuck into my heart. Any drama which attempts to nail a “scene” or “tackle issues affecting a group” can end up either cliched, or worthy, or worse than that, cliched and worthy, with an added slap of “controversial”, when all that was really needed was a relatable look at the way a certain strand of society lives. But in Looking, from the outset, here was a beautifully gentle – with the occasional bout of allusion to anal sex and rimming – and compelling little tale. I say “little” as not a great deal goes on...

Looking has found a fan, The Independent's TV critic Grace Dent.

Maybe like Brokeback Mountain its adoring audience will be not gay men, but straight women?

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  1. Grace Dent's whole public personality is about 20% "I love the gays, me" ... and then a further 55% "I'm dead working class, me".