Friday, 28 March 2014

Mail Online: From The Message Boards

Even the Mail is excited about all The Gays getting married!

Mail Online readers not so keen. :(

Like mass immigration we never voted for it, its been imposed on people without their agreement and anybody who dares to object is labelled homophobic. At some stage like immigration people will come out of the closet and voice their concerns.

Just because something is legal does not make it right.

I find that this is an example of the minority gaining the backing of the law and the majority is being ignored. We are now becoming a country that every one has human rights as long as you are not in the majority, while I say that your business you can do as you wish, please be aware the law is on your side, but I still have a right to have an opinion. Not unless someone is allowed to start the Fourth Reich.

Yet another victory for a minority over the unasked majority.Dare to raise a voice to object and be labelled homophobic,a term as derogatory as any used to describe homosexuals,so much for equality.

I'm moving to Russia.

It's not really a marriage. It's just PC nonsense. There is already civil partnerships so why this? I'm cancelling my membership of religion.

Florists must be coining it!

Considering the over-population sterile unions are probably to be celebrated.

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