Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Paul Flowers: Hell

Newsnight is showing an interview with Paul Flowers tonight!

Fagburn wonders if any regular viewers can think of another fairly decent gay man who has recently quit a prestigious job, and then some media thought it would be fun to give him an endless kicking?

PS: The Daily Mail did not like this, surprisingly.

Mr Flowers was allowed to insinuate that the Mail on Sunday's allegations were at least partly false without being invited to specify which of them he was referring to. When he preposterously suggested that the paper had 'pseudo-fascist, far-Right tendencies [that] make Vladimir Putin look like a bleeding heart liberal', Paxo did not demur. etc etc.


  1. Maybe if you see quitting your job as an opportunity to have puff pieces written about you and to rubbish former colleagues/supporters in the media, then you shouldn't be surprised if that comes back to bite you?

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    1. That's nice, dear, do you know what it means?