Friday, 21 March 2014

Tom Daley: So Brave

I HAVE known Tom Daley for a few years now and, like so many other people, I felt incredibly proud of the brave video he posted online late last year.

Here, speaking for the first time since coming out, the 19-year-old Olympic bronze medallist and Splash! star reveals why he felt the time was right to post that YouTube video, talks about the reaction it sparked and shares his ambitions for the future...

James: So this morning I rewatched the video that you posted online. Obviously I saw it at the time and feel I know you well enough to be incredibly proud of it.

Can you tell me about your reason for doing it at that moment?

Tom: Thank you. Well, all the reasons were kind of like I explain in the video. People were always questioning, always trying to find out things, always trying to be really sneaky in the way they were trying to find out.

James: Why?

Cause I'm a screaming gaylord.

When you say people being sneaky, do you mean journalists?

Everyone, I mean everyone was always curious. There have always been people trying to dig every time I did an interview.

It was, “Who are you dating?” “Have you got a girlfriend?” "Can you sit on my face and wriggle?" It was always that kind of thing.

It just got to the point where I was like, “Why am I hiding it? It shouldn’t matter, nobody should care in this day and age.”

I shouldn’t have had to do it — the video *  — because in theory it shouldn’t be anyone’s business.

But I did it and said all the reasons why because I didn’t want to have to hide any more.

I didn’t want to be constantly questioned about it, asked about it. I just thought, “You know what? I’m happy” — and that’s why I did it.

Also my gayness was visible from outer space, so I was starting to look a bit ridic, basically.

So... Dannii or Kylie?

Definitely Dannii.

Top or bottom?

I'm totes a power bottom. 

Is it true you're into watersports?

[Coquettish giggle] Yes.

Tom Daley, you are so very brave, thank you.

The Sun.

PS Everyone knows they've split up.

* This does not refer to the Dustin and Tom sex tape.

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