Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Advertising: I Saw It In The Adverts

With same-sex marriages legal in the England and Wales as well as certain parts of the US, the issue of how to represent alternative families in marketing campaigns is creeping up the agenda for many big brands.

Brands including Honey Maid and Coca-Cola have already made steps to representing a diverse family, but for Saatchi & Saatchi director of strategy, Richard Huntington, the marketing community still has a long way to go.

Speaking at Mumsnet's Mumstock event in London today, Hunnington said: “The vast majority of the marketing community is petrified of that sort of diversity and it’s a real shame. It’s a battle we’ve been fighting for decades yet our ads still feature white women in kitchens”

“I think it is really upsetting and inappropriate to keep representing a society that doesn’t exist.”

Coca-Cola previously came under fire after featuring a gay wedding scene in its 'Reasons to Believe campaign, Coca-Cola removed them from for an Irish version of the ad...

This Coke ad above is quite pukey.

How do two m-c gay dads show diversity?

PS Mumstock?

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