Saturday, 19 April 2014

Archbishop Of Canterbury: You Don't Understand, This Is All About Me!!!

'Saturday's Telegraph headline appears to be "Justin Welby: Why same-sex marriage is all about me, not loving couples"' @TheStevenThomas

The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested he is powerless to provide blessings for gay marriages because to do so would split the global Anglican Church.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the Most Rev Justin Welby says that the Church had probably caused “great harm” to homosexuals in the past — but there was not always a “huge amount” that could be done now to rectify the situation.

Although indicating that he was sympathetic to calls for the Church to publicly honour gay relationships, the Archbishop says that it is “impossible” for some followers in Africa to support homosexuality. In the interview, the leader of the Anglican Church, which has 77 million followers globally
[sic], speaks movingly of the persecution faced by Christians in parts of the world. He indicates that the Church must not take a step that would cut off these groups, most of them in the third world, however much this angers parts of society in Britain...

Welby claims he was misquoted when he spoke about this a fortnight ago - even though he said it in a radio interview.

Here's the Telegraph's story.


  1. Someone should tell the Archbish there's no such thing as gay marriage - only equal or same-sex marriage.

  2. Surely leaders lead... The Chief Anglican Witchdoctor's "anguish" and claims that his hands are tied make him look weak, unprincipled and ridiculous.

    I'm sorry for 2000 years of persecution, but I'm not even prepared to go as far as risking the exodus of a lot of very nasty, unchristian, homophobic bigots.

  3. "Someone should tell the Archbish there's no such thing as gay marriage - only equal or same-sex marriage."

    Can I ask Terry Eastham how he got elected to the Secret Committee For Determining How We Must All Talk? I should dearly like to get on it myself because I am ever so bossy. Also, I get really confused because I get used to saying this or that and suddenly I get howled down for using those terms because I haven't been notified by the Secret Committee. This is so unfair. They are like the people who jeer at me for ironing creases in my denims.