Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Asylum: Give The Anarchist A Cigarette

BRITISH anarchists are encouraging illegal immigrants to claim they are GAY if they are collared by border officials. *

A Sun investigation found activists in Calais coaching illegals on what lies to tell if they are caught in the UK.

At one meeting, an anarchist ringleader called Joy told a man from Ghana: “If you say ‘I come to England to find work for a better life’ this will be no good — they will deport you.

“Maybe if you say you’re homosexual, then this is a good story to claim asylum — because in Ghana they are going to kill you straight away if you’re homosexual.”

The Sun.

Well done.

Kind hearts like these should be given a medal.

* Why, by the many moons of Jupiter, has The Sun put 'GAY' in caps?


  1. "Why, by the many moons of Jupiter, has The Sun put 'GAY' in caps"

    'Cos it's so mind-boggling to fink that any normal person like wot Sun readers are could ever for a minute say of themselves that they were like that.