Friday, 18 April 2014

British Pathé: Fashion Goes Gay!

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000historic films, in high resolution, to its YouTube channel. This unprecedented release of vintage news reports and cinemagazines is part of a drive to make the archive more accessible to viewers all over the world...

British Pathé.

This clip above is about a Dale Cavana men's fashion show in London in 1951.

Fagburn also enjoyed Soho Goes Gay from 1955 - made before that perfectly nice word was stolen, though some of these local characters look rather intriguing.

'But that's Soho, where you meet someone different every few yards!'

I'll let you know if I come across any more gems.

There goes the weekend...


  1. The fashion show is the gayest thing I have ever seen.

    2:01 -3.10 - "I wonder why they call my Tony Daisy” – song about an effeminate son and his boyfriend from 1933
    Ricky Renne drag artiste – 1967

    And there are a number about Liberace and body building - but not at the same time

    - matthew davis

  3. Replies
    1. I can't figure out if the young male models would have looked like visitors from Uranus back in 1951, or if it was maybe slightly in keeping with the time.

  4. 'Here's Raymonde again...'


  5. Thanks for this. That Pathé YouTube channel is one of the best things on the interwebs.