Friday, 11 April 2014

Frozen: Some Girls Have All The Luck

YOUNG twins went to watch Disney’s Frozen on a new DVD player from Asda — and found a gay porn flick inside.

Charlotte and Madeline Scammell, nine, could not insert their animated film because the hardcore movie was in the machine.

The puzzled girls took the disc to their horrified mum Gillian — who had to explain the DVD was “naughty”.

She phoned the store but says she got no apology — just an offer to swap the £20 player.

Gillian, 36, said: “The disc itself had a silhouette of men performing sex acts. I asked the girls if they had played it but thank God they hadn’t.”

The air hostess, who lives with builder husband Simon, 43, in Bournemouth, Dorset, added: “I was furious. If you buy something brand new you expect it won’t have been tampered with. I’m just thankful the girls didn’t press play.”

Asda said it was investigating but refused to comment further.

The Sun.

Let's just hope her builder husband didn't put it in there and not fess up.

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