Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Gay Marriage: A Conservative Value

A majority of Conservative and Ukip supporters are in favour of gay marriage, new polling shows.

A study by Ipsos MORI found that 61 per cent of would-be Tory voters and 54 per cent who intend to vote for the UK Independence Party support same-sex unions.

The poll highlights a dramatic shift in attitudes to homosexuality in general in Britain within a generation, with support specifically for same-sex marriage more than quadrupling in less than 40 years.

Ipsos MORI said it was “very unusual” to see such a large swing in public opinion on a social issue.

Overall almost seven in 10 Britons – 69 per cent – believe that homosexual couples should be able to marry while just over a quarter – 28 per cent – disagree...

Three-quarters of voters for both Labour and the Lib Dems now support equal marriage.

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