Friday, 25 April 2014

Julie Bindel: Why I've Always Hated...

It was early evening and I had not yet eaten, so I took a glass of wine and a packet of Haribos into the private screening of I Am Divine: the story of Divine. I touched neither, because early on in the film I felt a little sick. I’m unsure as to whether that queasiness was a result of the mention of dog excrement (more anon) or the scale of misogyny contained within its 90 minutes...

Footage from Divine’s one and only appearance on Top of the Pops (he was banned as a result of complaints about obscenity) in 1984 singing ‘You Think You’re a Man’ reminded me why I always hated drag. Feminists at the time of the TOTP atrocity labelled Divine ‘woman hating’.

So by the time, towards the end of the film, we were treated to footage of Divine in Pink Flamingos eating dog excrement, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to want dinner that evening. The fact that it was alluded to at the beginning of the film (it being the stuff of cinematic legend) made the rest of the film pretty unpalatable.

Julie Bindel - who else! - writes for Britain's best-selling right-wing magazine, The Spectator.

A bizarre lesbore who hates gay men and trans women - so tries to justify it with endless ridiculous bilious articles about how they hate women.

I guess she must practice being dull and sanctimonious.

Anyway, hope that slag-off by the dreadful Bindel's left you gagging to see the film - here's the all-singing all dancing website.

And here's a video interview with the director Jeffrey Schwarz at Flare: The BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.. 


  1. It's a lovely, touching film. RIP Divi. We'll never forget you. x

  2. I hate to say she hates men but...