Friday, 25 April 2014

Uganda: Pointless Gesture Draws Widespread Praise

In what's been widely hailed as the most patronising and pointless gay 'protest' since the last one, a wealthy American businessman has planted a rainbow flag at the summit of the highest mountain in Uganda, Pink Star News can reveal.

I'll write that again while its full import sinks in; he planted a rainbow flag on top of a mountain in Uganda!

Neal Gottlieb, a US ice cream manufacturer, claimed he was protesting a draconian new anti-gay bill.

Apolitical gay journalists around the world have been left shrieking with glee and shaking with excitement like so many big wobbly pink blancmanges.

Mr Gottlieb was seemingly unaware of the appalling imperialist symbolism of a wealthy white man planting flags on African territory, and declaring; “Your country’s highest point is no longer its soil, its snow or a summit marker, but rather a gay pride flag waving brilliantly."

On the top of MOUNT STANLEY!

Or of how this self-publicity stunt could be counter-productive, and hurt gay Ugandans struggle.

Nor of the existence of homophobic laws in the USA that he could actually hope to affect change.

As no-one could possibly know this silly act had happened, Gottlieb, wrote an open letter to Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni, which he sent out to the gay media in a press release, thoughtfully attaching a photo of himself and a plug for his ice cream company.

Because nothing shows how much you care about the fate of LGBT people in Africa like PR stunts telling people to buy your ice cream.

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