Saturday, 26 April 2014

Stephen Fry: Take That Brunei!

Pink News.

That'll teach 'em.

Is there an e-petition, yet?

As Pink News and others reported on Tuesday this hasn't been introduced, that's been delayed.
And there isn't some new 'Stone the gays law', they're revising the entire penal code to match daft Sharia law nonsense, and so are introducing the death penalty for a tranche of acts; including blasphemy, extra-marital relations and adultery.
It's gruesome, but I seriously doubt anyone will be executed for any of these.
Brunei has the death penalty for various crimes, but it comes under the category Amnesty call 'Abolitionist in practice'
ie They haven't actually executed anyone for anything since 1957.
I'm no expert on the country, but it's unlikely this will change.
Several countries have a death penalty for gay sex - we would know if they were regularly enforced, or if some 'gay genocide' was going on anywhere.
When men are executed all evidence available to reliable human rights researchers invariably suggests it was for male rape - or, as in the most famous case, of two Iranian youths who were charged with raping a younger boy.
Of course, anti-gay laws have an impact beyond their actual enforcement, so it's good to protest, but let's not be gayist hysterics over this.

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