Saturday, 19 April 2014

Thought For The Day: Lenny Henry

“All of those people in the audience who watch those shows and complain that there aren’t enough black and Asian (people), and gay and women and people with disabilities and transgender… they need to start lobbying, to start writing letters, they need to start emailing.

“At some point soon there’s going to be a campaign and we want everybody to get behind it, write letters to parliament, write letters to government, write letters to your MP and say we think it’s time there was a change.”

Lenny Henry in an interview with The TV Collective, and quoted in The Independent. 

Though if you read their article you'll see that Lenny 'said he wasn't advocating non-payment of the licence fee.'

Well done The Indy!

Wonder how or if the Daily Mail will cover this.

Plus side: A chance to bash the BBC.

Down side: Might get more blacks and gays on TV.

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Hmmm. How does an attack on the BBC for its lack of diversity turn into one on the Daily Mail? Why does the left swallow the right wing propaganda and fail to see Farage and his friends all over our screens, when the Greens are never seen despite actually having an MP?

    The BBC's main purpose is to criminalise nearly 200,000 struggling single parents and very poor people every year. It's still hideously white and despite its huge budget hasn't managed to produce a drama like Queer as Folk, nor even a programme like Four in a Bed. Plenty of repeats of Are You Being Served though..

  2. 'How does an attack on the BBC for its lack of diversity turn into one on the Daily Mail?'

    I just meant LH's talk would leave the Mail with a conflict of editorial interests...