Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Alan Bennett Watch: TV Or Not TV?

Alan Bennett has revealed that he enjoys watching "rubbish" on television and is a fan of Midsomer Murders, Family Guy and ''maybe the first Big Brother''.

The playwright, 80, is about to have a play, Denmark Hill, premiere on radio for the first time.

He said that he and partner Rupert Thomas ''probably (watch) more rubbish than we should''.

He told Radio Times magazine: ''I tend not to watch drama, and I don't like stand-up, so that cuts out an enormous amount. Apart from Stewart Lee, I like him because he's offensive. And Jeremy Hardy, but he's only on radio. The others just seem to be showing off.''

He added: ''We watch Midsomer Murders. It's not all rubbish. Andrew Graham-Dixon, that's not rubbish.''

Asked whether he watched any reality shows, Bennett told the magazine: ''Very few. Maybe the first Big Brother but I thought, 'God, they're all repellent.' I tend not to watch anything where one person is eliminated each week. There was even a programme about allotments: I thought, 'This'll be all right.' Then they introduced that format there! Allotments isn't a competitive activity.''

Quotes lovingly lifted by the Daily Telegraph (and me).

Alana B's play Denmark Hill will be broadcast by the Home Service on Saturday. 

He says he can't be arsed working with people in television anymore as they're a load of idiots.


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