Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Apology Of The Week: Norman Fowler

Margaret Thatcher's health minister today apologised for the controversial Section 28 of the Local Government Act as he backed a campaign to make sex education — including lessons on gay relationships — compulsory in schools.

Lord Fowler told the Evening Standard: “We have come a long way. It [Section 28] was a great mistake and I think it’s now recognised as a great mistake and I would apologise for it. It was totally misjudged.”

Lord Fowler was part of the Eighties Government that brought in the ban on schools from promoting homosexuality as a “normal family relationship”. The law was repealed in 2003.

He has signed a letter calling for sex education to be made statutory and suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual students.

The letter, written by gay rights campaigners, warned that children will get their sex education from internet pornography unless they are taught it by qualified teachers.

Lord Fowler, who was behind the Don’t Die Of Ignorance Aids information campaign in the Eighties, said properly taught school lessons could “torpedo inaccurate and sensationalised information” children come across online...
Evening Standard.

And it only took a quarter of a century to realise this...

That same-sex SRE open letter in full.

And finally... Norman Fowler's recent book, Aids: Don't Die Of Prejudice.

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