Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Club Promo Of The Week: Dreck

Nightclub promoters in Tel Aviv have come under fire for mocking the ISIS beheadings of David Haines, James Foley and Steven Sotloff to advertise a gay night.

One advert shows a muscular man kneeling in an orange toga with a man in a revealing black wrap behind him with a hand on his neck.

It is an image strikingly familiar to those that have circulated around the world of an anonymous English-speaking Islamist wielding a knife before going on to behead the innocent hostages in three separate shock videos.

Another shows a man in tight trunks holding a black flag aloft – traditionally a symbol of jihadist extremists.

The adverts were posted to the Facebook page of Dreck – which runs gay club nights across the Israeli city...

Daily Mirror.

Although this was only an online ad for a Tel Aviv gay night, such is the current climate of media hysteria over all things ISIS/IZAL/Islamic State, on Monday this became a story that went GLOBAL!

Stay classy, boys, stay classy!

Fagburn loved Queerty's billiant juxtaposition of this DISTURBING SEXUALISATION OF TERRORISM, and some photos of some sexy dudes from the Israeli Defence Force posing in their pants with their rifles in Occupied Palestine!

Coz Zionist terrorists iz hot!

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