Thursday, 4 September 2014

James Dawson: This Writer Is Gay

The reason I am constantly harping on about sexuality is in the hope that some of those young people who are in hiding, can see and hear me – a vaguely successful and very happy gay man being successful and happy. My role model, Russell T Davies, was visible for me back in 1998 with Queer As Folk, so I'm happy to take a turn. I hope people will read This Book Is Gay with pride, because while we are as normal as the day is long, the rest of the world doesn't always see us that way.

James Dawson, YA (Young Adult, granddad) author.

In July, James was voted Queen of Teen books by readers, the first male author to win.

He is launching and talking about This Book Is Gay - a book about being gay for teh young gays - at Gay's The Word bookshop in London this evening. 

If you go, please give him my love. x

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