Thursday, 25 September 2014

Liam Fox: Big Kate Bush Fan

There have always been rumours of his sexuality for he married late, in 2005. What does he say to all those rumours that he is in fact gay? “I just ignore it.” And again, with all the attacks over Adam Werritty, the friend always described as “close”. “Just ignore it.” You always just get on with the job? “Listen: it gets worse now. You can spend all your time on blog sites. That tells you that people are criminals, paedophiles, all sorts. You just ignore it. You do what you are paid to do and you do it to the best of your ability. Get on with your real life.”

Liam Fox interviewed by The Times.

I've ignored all his views on Syria and that, and thought it best to stick to the tittle-tattle and innuendo...

His giggle laugh is a surprise; it’s like the start of Woody Woodpecker’s ha-ha-ha-ha-ha crescendo but earthier...

I know that Fox is a huge music fan, at Mastermind level when it comes to lyrics and song titles. Bowie is a particular favourite but he plays music all the time (Amy, his assistant, has a face of stone as he says this.) “I’m still desperately upset that I was unable to get Kate Bush tickets. It’s been my greatest disappointment of the year,” chortles Fox.

And that includes all sorts of things, I note, thinking of the reshuffle. “That was vastly outweighed by not getting Kate Bush tickets,” he says with another big giggle. I suspect we haven’t heard the last of that laugh yet.

PS Apparently, he's got a book out, but you know, meh.

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