Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Michael Cashman Watch: And Tomorrow The World!

You know we have made extraordinary progress on Lesbian and Gay rights over the last twenty years. If I think about the transformation that I have seen growing up into adulthood, the biggest transformation.

We’ve made such progress on equality. But we have to face the fact that internationally things are, if anything, going backwards. We can’t just let that happen. We can’t just say “well, that’s OK”. The next Labour government will fight to make sure that we fight for our values and for human rights all round the world.

So today I can announce that I am appointing Michael Cashman, Lord Cashman, as our envoy on LGBT rights all round the world...

From Ed Miliband's speech to the Labour Party conference yesterday.

Good grief, I wouldn't even trust Lord Cashman of Brown-nose to be LGBT envoy to Walford Square.
Sorry about this world.

PS There's a programme on BCC Radio 4 Extra on Friday, Pioneers, where Mr Cashman recalls the 1987, Eastenders gay kiss fiasco.

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