Monday, 15 September 2014

Pride: Shaming A Gay Film

"There’s something very relieving [?] about the idea of attributes of compassion and heroism and a belief in everybody. So it’s not a film for just gay people or miners. Just because you’re not a woman, doesn’t mean you don’t believe in women’s rights!”

Thanks for clearing that up, brainbox!

No wait, there's more...

“It’s not a gay film, it’s about humanity,” he explains...

This dolt really is a banal trite gay cliche machine.

If it's not a 'gay film' then what the felch is it then?

A Chinese opera?

A French baguette?

But hey, maybe we're all baguettes, really, yah?

Still at least another right-wing paper loves Pride (The Movie)!

Yes, it's 5 Stars from the famously gay-loving, and union-loving Express for this 'delightful' film!

But are they sure it stars Mark Ashton?

Good to see you were all paying attention.

Update: Mike Jackson, co-founder of LGSM, is interviewed by Pink News.


  1. Shame the Sun couldn't use a still from the right film. The one shown is clearly from something American (ad for AT&T) is set now, not in the '80s (Facebook symbol showing) and features actors(?) who don't appear in 'Pride'. That's pretty good going, even for the Sun. The film's not bad though.

    1. What is that image from???
      It's been really bugging me. I did a google image search and the only thing that seems to come up are sites also using it as a still from 'Pride'.
      So is it a flashforward in the film or something?
      Or maybe a different film called 'Pride'?