Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Question Of The Week: Evan Davis

The arrival of Evan Davis on BBC2’s Newsnight on September 29 is anxiously awaited. Why the anxiety? Because Newsnight, once a BBC powerhouse of political influence, is in a state of worrying decline. It has a small nightly audience, around 600,000. That wouldn’t matter if the audience were special and the guests the best. But top politicians and serious experts often scorn Newsnight now. Will the arrival of Davis be the start of a relaunch?

Ian Katz, Newsnight’s latest editor, arrived from the Guardian last year. Jeremy Paxman, roost ruler for 25 years, soon announced he would be leaving the programme, was persuaded to stay until this June. In August the BBC announced the new “lead anchor” would be Evan Davis, team member of Radio 4’s Today for the past six years...

Daily Telegraph.

I do hope so - anything will be better than bloody Paxman.

Tinsel Tits makes her Newsnight debut on Monday.

PS Fagburn sees 'Paxo' will be hosting Channel 4's general election coverage, Sadly, I appear to be washing my hair that night.

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  1. Is he not a bit of a right-wing Rita?
    One of the most depressing things I've ever seen on TV was a prog he did about the economic changes in the UK over the last 30 years; and his overwhelming point seemed to be that towns that once had massive industry and plenty of jobs but are now mostly full of industrial parks housing call centers and the like, is actually a good thing. Also, influx of foreign billionaires and their buying up of our space and companies; and practically every other shitty decline in the economy of the country is actually a really, really good thing.
    The market rules, etc.

    Admittedly, I can't remember what I did yesterday so my recall of a years old programme may be a bit off; but I distinctly remember thinking "Fucking hell, just how in the fuck is any of what he's showing and saying anything other than wrist-slittingly depressing.