Friday, 5 September 2014

The Guardian: Gay Hip Hop (Don't Stop!)

The Guardian has published yet another article about gay men and Hip-hop on their music blog.

As you can see ^^^ this is a source of endless fascination for them.

But why?

Because they think it's so incongruous?

Because they think black culture and gay culture are mutually exclusive?

Because they think black people hate gay people and vice versa?

Because they don't have a clue?

The Guardian are far from alone in this, of course.

An out rapper - no matter if he's not actually any good - is practically guaranteed to get coverage - and gushing with it - in the gay and straight media, patronised and paraded before us as an exotic, heroic curiosity, a modern day Elephant Man.


  1. Lol did Hard Cock Life pay for that?

    1. Hope so, it would be more noble than paying the promoter to promote his own night.