Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Catholic Synod: Who Cares?

There’s really no need for most people in the gay community to care about what the Catholic Church thinks. And by continuing to do so, we’re validating these hateful views.

Do ethnic minorities wait in anticipation of that special day when the BNP may give them a scrap of acceptance? Of course not, their views are abhorrent and accepted as such. And it’s time the Catholic Church is dealt with in the same regard on gay issues.

As a community gay people should take the higher ground, and actually act in a more Christian way than it seems possible for the bigots who reject them.

Gay people to stop this fight for acceptance from the Catholic church; to stop engaging in this debate, this dialogue and ultimately this validation of outdated beliefs. The time has come for the gay community to turn the other cheek.

We don't need to retaliate, we don’t need to protest, we know that we are equal and who cares if Catholic bishops haven’t realised it yet? We don’t need their endorsement, and we should stop caring if they don’t get it...

Cristo Foufas (!) writes for the Daily Telegraph (!)

Wise words - let us pray this will be the end of this tiresome matter.

But what would their Religious Nuttery Correspondent, Cristina Odone, have to say?

Update: And yet... Ignore the PR, the Catholic Church continues with its grotesque homophobia, Terry Sanderson, Pink News.


  1. If only the silly men in their frocks were viewed as beyond the pale as the BNP. The trouble is religion's stone age rules on homosexuality legitimise the views of bigots. Although the Bible enthusiastically endorses racism, no-one is permitted to say they belong to a superior race any more, but its still open season on the gays. That said, I agree that seeking acceptance from organised religion is pointless. We should be laughing at it.

    How does an organisation that supposedly has "Love thy Neighbour as Thyself" as its most important tenet end up burning people alive?

  2. The Pope must die!