Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fagburn: Professional Troll

Describing itself as a ‘a blog about gay men and the media, politics and your actual gay culture’, the writer’s ostensible aim is to single-handedly shear away the stereotyping fluff that surrounds the reporting of gay men in various outlets, with targets ranging from The Sun to The Guardian. Some of it is incisively brilliant – certain gay publications themselves often come under repeated fire for sometimes appearing to cover nothing more than Dan Osborne’s abs –, but a lot of it reads like a bitter queen sitting in an armchair in Brighton, spitting cocoa apoplectically at their antiquated laptop’s screen and spraying the venom of chocolate hobnob crumbs over their keyboard as they furiously jab out their entries one-fingered. All of it purports to give the reader ‘truth’, and this is when it gets dangerous: for of course, all that Fagburn really gives his readers is his own swivel-eyed opinion of the world. Fagburn is, ultimately, a professional troll...

Fagburn: When The Trolls Come To Town, Patrick Cash, QX magazine. 


It's funny cause it's true - except it's usually me spitting tea and ginger nuts, tbh.

This is from last month, but I've only just seen it.
Unlike some other bitter queens I could mention, I don't obsessively Google myself.
Fagburn apologises unreservedly for questioning something you published about gay men and drugs.
He promises not to do it again, and will now concentrate on trying to be 'incisively brilliant'.


A gay troll, pictured recently.

For the record, I've often said I think QX does a lot of excellent and important stuff. I'll go further, if you compare it to certain other free gay mags, it's stunningly good. But I'll carry on contesting its lapses into nebulous fact-free drugs hysteria. x


  1. The use of the word "troll" has become a lazy catch-all to throw at anyone saying something critical or uncomfortable.
    For example, there's a twit on Queerty who routinely calls anyone who he doesn't agree with a "right wing troll" even though he's pretty fucking right-wing hisself.
    You see the same sort of thing when gay men being critical of other gay men are called "homophobic".
    It's barely enough to keep the brain alive.

  2. I never thought your laptop was antiquated. How sad.