Saturday, 11 October 2014

Graham Norton: It Must Be Love

If I had to choose between booze and work, I would pick work without hesitation, but what is the point of life if you can’t sometimes release the inner moron? It goes back to the glass of wine I have on my chat show — I know exactly why I’m drinking it, and while I may later end up flailing around a dance floor like a member of the living dead, I like to think that I am in control of the bigger picture.

Of course, I may be wrong.

The big question is: do I have a problem? On one level, I obviously do because I drink far too much. But on the other hand, my rationale would be: where’s the harm? Yes, it makes me fatter than I’d like to be and perhaps I would sleep better if I occasionally went to bed sober, but my work has never suffered because of drinking.

And besides, surely life would seem a little dull with no vices at all.

The Daily Mail - who appear to have bought the serial rights to Graham's memoirs. 

Note how they bashed Stephen Fry recently when he wrote about his lapsed cocaine use, yet this is framed not as a 'battle with the bottle', but a 'love affair'.

Not sure what else is to come, but hopefully the Mail will find a bit in Norton's book where he's slightly disparaging about the BBC. 

That and him on the misery and impossibility of gay love and that.

Mr Norton, pictured recently, after another fun night out.

Update: An alert reader points out the Mail On Sunday published this 'Kiss and piss' a year ago. Thank you 'anon'... x


  1. It's a strange article. His last bf did a mild "he drinks too much" expose so perhaps they thought they'd pull the rug out from under anyone who might give more extreme quotes about his drinking in the future.

    1. Oh gawd! Forgotten about that - added a postscript. Many thanks xxxx