Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Letter Of The Day: The Guardian

The Guardian.

A good example of how the media often misuse the term LGBT, showing how journalists let their newspaper's style guide override common sense.

Not sure about that last line though; 'if men are the problem...' The 'LGBT' in this story referred to the gay men being targeted by robbers, how are they a 'problem'?


  1. That joyless shit from Strudwick deserves an article of its own. Every generation thinks it invented sex, but before Grindr there were phone lines, personals and of course, shock horror, cruising. Grindr provides far more information and safety than what you get looking through a tiny hole in a toilet door, believe me.

    Strudwick may not like it, but gay men have penises and most are very keen on having orgasms. It was ever thus and new moralists like Strudwick need to release that not everyone can or wants to be introduced to potential partners at expensive, middle class dinner parties, where you can really get to know the person.

    1. In The Mayor Of Castro Street, Randy Shilts writes about a man in SF in the 70s who started a campaign against 'lookism' - ie gay men so bigoted they only wanted to shag men that they fancied!

    2. Your reference to lookism is sadly ringing a few faint bells that people actually did accuse others of being lookist. Disgraceful. Someone really should write an article about gay men's sexism in preferring to have sex with men.

    3. Michael Portillo was using the term lookism yesterday. Is it possible that this blog is read by men who had homosexual dalliances in their youth?