Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lewis Hamilton: Dreaming Of Russian Prix

Best of luck to our Lewis in the F1 Russian Grand Prix today.


PS It's being held in that Sochi. BOO! etc

Exciting The Sports News Update: Apparently she has won that driving that fast car faster than the other men driving fast cars thing!

I bet they'll all be queuing up to touch your helmet tonight!

Take that Putin!

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  1. Did you ever see him on Graham Norton? It was him, Pedro Almodovar and someone else. Almodovar was flirting shamelessly and saying how beautiful Hamilton was and how he could be in movies and then they got him to shake up a bottle of champagne and pop the cork while Norton tried to catch the ejaculated champers in his eager mouth.
    Oh, it was hilarity itself. Probably the gayest thing ever shown on TV.