Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Marriage: Equalities Minister Might Support Equality Shocker

Nicky Morgan, the education secretary and equalities minister, has said she would vote in favour of gay marriage if she was given her chance again.

She said she had voted against gay marriage because the letters she had received from her constituents had been running 10 to 1 against, and she wished more people had lobbied her on the other side.

She was one of 175 MPs who voted against gay marriage at a time when she was not equalities minister, an appointment made when she was made education secretary in the summer.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 she said she would now vote in favour of gay marriage. She said: “I had a lot of constituents who asked me to vote in a particular way and I listened to them and it was an issue of conscience too, but I have certainly learned an awful lot doing this job,” she said on Wednesday morning.

“I think I probably would [vote in favour of gay marriage]. But at the end of the day, as a member of parliament, I’m also here to represent my constituents … I wish that people had come forward earlier to say: ‘Actually, we’d like you to support it.’

“I suppose for some people it was … obvious but actually I think it was something that we needed to discuss and to debate.”

At the time of her decision she told her local paper, the Leicester Mercury, not only that she had been lobbied hard by opponents of gay marriage, but that she also had her own principled objections.

Bizarre headline and framing by The Guardian; Nicky Morgan changes her mind on gay marriage - Equalities minister says she would now vote in favour of gay marriage if given the chance again.

She only said she 'probably would'. 

Also nice of Nicky to blame her constituents, not her own prejudice, sorry, 'principled objections'.

Nicky Morgan's looking a bit strange on Huff Post Gay


  1. Is there not a difference between prejudice and a principled objection?
    Serious question.

    1. Err, one sounds nice?

      Probably why politicians avoid saying 'Cause I'm a bigoted cunt and think these people should be shot'.