Thursday, 16 October 2014

Outstanding: Money Money Money

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OUTstanding was founded in June 2013 by its sole shareholder Suki Sandhu who does not take a salary from the business. Suki set up OUTstanding after working in the executive recruitment business for 10 years - he continues to own and run recruitment company Audeliss as a separate enterprise.

A not for profit, member driven organisation, OUTstanding is committed to donating any profits made to its charity partners. Full details of these can be found on our FAQs page on the website.

OUTstanding exists to inform, inspire, connect and facilitate LGBT and straight ally business leaders at an executive level; founding corporate members include Google, IBM and Barclays and now includes the likes of BP, EY and BT.

On the 9th October 2014 it launched its annual Top 100 LGBT business leaders and, for the first time, the Top 20 straight allies to champion those spearheading the cause of executive diversity. See the full lists here.

Fine - but can you explain the strange correlation between your Top 100 LGBT business leaders and Top 20 Straight Allies and the corporate crooks who are paying you money?


  1. What kind of explanation of correlation are you expecting? Wealthy corporations (your crooks) have money. OUTStanding want money. Wealthy corporations want good press. Is it an explanation or an apology you want?

    OUTStanding mentions in the FT.

    stop the press, gay men with heads and faces caught on camera (kissing no less)

    OUTstanding also mentioned in
    Their relationship with BP

  2. The BP article in the FT also mentions contributions to OUTStanding from Google.

    Crooks or not, the money seems real enough. These corporations, much like the governments whose rules they operate under, reflect the populations who permit them.

    If you really want to send this anti corporate message, why don't you hang a big sign under your neck and proselytise in Brighton Station around 7:30.

    Sry i always take the piss, I do love and respect, value and enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks.

      Re: Corporate crooks - the first two corporations mentioned, Barclays and BP, have rather famously found themselves guilty of breaking the law big time.

      I'm just not convinced this list is based purely on merit.