Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Russell Brand: The Revolution Will Not Be...

Russell Brand may have become the poster boy for people who love politics but hate politicians.

Tonight, however, he was forced into an old-fashioned political retreat when he cancelled a debate to launch his new book after guests including the leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell expressed concerns about the make-up of the panel.

Activist Laurence Easeman, who appeared with Brand on a recent video to highlight the plight of an under-threat community in London’s East End, had been due to join the panel at London’s Hoxton Docks to discuss the issues raised byRevolution – the comic’s treatise on the travails of the modern British body politic.

Mr Tatchell said he flagged up concerns with Brand having been alerted to a series of blog postings by others which, if accurate, would suggest that he and Mr Easeman may not share all the same political views...


Next stop... Russell meets our Owen!

Only just realised this, OJ?

Why did you agree to speak there in the first place, then?

Johann Hari, Owen Jones, Morrissey, Peter Tatchell...

Can anyone explain this gay love-in with the great phoney Brand?

If Russell Brand is taken seriously as a left-wing thinker, then no wonder our movement's fucked. 

PS Saint Peter interviews the even babier-faced Mr Jones in 2007!

UND! Russell Brand tries to go gay for his little missed TV show, RE; Brand. And here he is interviewing two flucks fom Westboro Baptist Church. The second's much better.

Update: Evan Davis does Russell on Newsnight.

'Evan, mate.. what a lot of people in your line of work misunderstand is that we don't want some pedagogic figure coming in and didactically shouting at us...' LOL!

Rather a lot of creepy, patronising touching there, Russell, would you do that to Paxman?

Mr Brand does come out of that quite well, for a raving idiot.

Fagburn thinks he'll do a David Icke before long.


  1. That bollocks about people storming the cinema and paying nothing. That shows how fucking hypocritical and two-faced Jones is. Why did they have it in a cinema or venue in the first place? Why not just stage it outside so anyone can listen? Oh, that's right, because you can't charge people for that. Brand made me laugh when he tweeted something like "I don't mind doing it for free!" Both his and Jones' comments came after the fact. They're both well off financially and they're both supposed to be advocating a popular socialist movement, yet their first instincts are to charge people to come and hear them talk in a shitty venue that doesn't pay their workers a decent wage.
    They're both politicians. I guarantee Owen Jones will end up as an MP.

  2. Picturehouse, too!

    Maybe Owen and Johann and Russell and Mozza and Petra should start a new party?

    Knobs R Us.

    1. Whenever I see or hear Jones talk I'm always reminded of someone like Jack Straw. By which I mean one of those people who started out as radicals in the '60s but ended up as self-serving career politicians. You see a bit of that already. The way he used images of him and Tony Benn after he died and the way he couches his arguments now in terms that promote his new book.

  3. I wonder if they'll be giving their books away for free online as pdfs?