Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stephen Gately: A Strange And Troubling Estate

BOYZONE star Stephen Gately’s family are to hire a private investigator for a fresh probe into his death.

The move comes as they battle his husband Andrew Cowles over the singer’s £1.5million estate.

Stephen, 33, died five years ago in Majorca.

His brother Tony, 32, told The Sun on Sunday they still have unanswered questions five years after the tragedy.

They are also embroiled in a dispute over how the star’s £1.5million estate is divided up.

Stephen was discovered slumped on a sofa while on holiday in Majorca with husband Andrew Cowles, 36.

Officials ruled that Gately had been killed by an undetected heart condition.

But bus driver Tony said: “Only two people really know what went on the night he died.

“They are his husband Andrew and a Bulgarian guy, Georgi, who was invited to their apartment. Neither of them have fully explained to me what happened.

“We are looking at getting a private investigator once his estate is settled.” ...

The Sun Sunday.

Only at the end do readers learn; 'Andrew could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.'

Might it not have been an idea to wait until he had been?

Might be an idea for the Mail to keep out of this.

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