Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Syria: A Gay Guy In Beirut

The Arab Spring promised reform across the Middle East, but the turmoil is ongoing, including within the gay community.

Syrian refugees have fled to countries already facing major challenges, and often face discrimination not only because of their nationality, but their sexuality.

The BBC's James Longman went to Beirut, Lebanon, to hear some gay refugees' disturbing accounts of abuse.

BBC News.

There's a companion text article looking more broadly at gay life in the Middle East, though much of it reads like it was written from a distance after a quick Google.

The Western media doesn't have a very good record on reliable reporting about LGBT Syrians; you may remember the excited and widespread trumpeting of and reliance on the blog, A Gay Girl In Damascus - until it was exposed as being written by an American straight man in Edinburgh.


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  1. Well, good for the BBC in this case. For them to at least *attempt* to tell a story - any story - from the LGBT perspective is an improvement.

    Don't write off all Middle East accounts because of one fraudster though.