Saturday, 25 October 2014

Graham Norton: How The Media Works Part 669

You’ve been kissed and told on, I say. “Twice,” Norton says. How was that? “The first time was fine. That was Scott [Michaels]. My agent and I negotiated his deal. He’d been approached by somebody. I said, ‘How much have they offered you? Well, that’s not enough. We’ll get you more than that.’ I didn’t take a cut, but I did have picture approval, so it was all good. The second time was … disappointing.”

[Trevor] Patterson’s story of woe detailed Norton’s heavy boozing and his obsession with his dogs; scurrilous highlights included the time Norton chartered a private jet to fly Madge and Bailey to New York where he was working at that point, because he missed them.

Did you know the story was coming? “Yeah.” How did you react? “I got some stuff taken out. But you know, I could have stopped it. I thought, better not to.” Why? “It’s a … revealing thing to do.” Sell a story on an ex-lover? “Yes. Why hide that?” 

Patterson is not mentioned in Norton’s new book...

The Times - great interview btw.

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Nike the dog from A-Z Animals

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  1. I love Graham Norton and loved him even more that time when he attacked Bono for being a bell-end; but he had U2 on his show the other week, haha.
    I guess it's not really up to him who goes on his show, but still...