Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tom Daley: Man Of The Year

Tom Daley has been named Man of the Year, supported by Sky, at the Attitude Awards 2014.

The 20-year-old diver, who came out in an emotional YouTube video in December 2013, won gold in the men’s 10m platform event at the Commonwealth Games in August. With Australian diver Matthew Mitcham winning silver in the same event, it marked the first time that two openly gay athletes had shared the top two medals at an international sports event.

Accepting the award, Daley said: “It’s a real honour to be named Man of the Year 2014 by Attitude magazine. It’s been a good year and to be given this award means a lot.”

Well done, our Tom (Supported by Sky).

Fagburn shall never forget the first time two openly gay athletes shared the top two medals at an international sports event.

Those other Attitude awards in full...

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  1. I admire Tom Daley for coming out as he did risk a loss of income from sponsorship and some abuse from Neanderthals, as anyone in the public eye does. That said, he botched it by first claiming to be bisexual. And since then, what has he actually done apart from pursue his career and wear very little? It is not as if he has talked about his own experiences to condemn the lack of action on homophobic bullying in schools or the appalling sex education provided in most schools.

    These awards are the superficial, meaningless tosh that you would expect from the politically brain dead Attitude. I half expect to see UKIP named as political party of the year. If it had a few "hot" young men as spokesmen, it probably would be.

    1. Tom clearly came out because he was about to be outed, hence the rushed nature (telling all his family at the weekend, publishing the video on the Monday).
      It was all damage limitation, brand management etc. That's why he did the bi thing, then basically not said too much since...

  2. Still hate that tattoo.