Friday, 3 October 2014

Tweet Of The Day: Queen's Grindr Nightmare

This non-story is attributed to the usual unnamed sources ie it's probably made-up.

But allusions to a non-existent ROYAL FAMILY GAY SEX SCANDAL! should bump up your internet traffic, eh?

Update: Dear Pink News hack, I'm bored with asking this, but can you tell me what's the point of a gay media if it just lifts stories from a homophobic paper without question? Does it never cross your mind they may have an agenda? When you read a news story, do you ever ask 'Is this true?' What is the point of journalism, to question or just to repeat?

Update 2: Turns out I shouldn't have singled out PN; everyone from Attitude to the The Independent's i100 found this schoolboy snigger fiction irresistible.

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