Friday, 7 November 2014

Andrew Pierce Watch: Cakewatch

Daily Mail.

Who else could the Mail get to write this but your actual gay Uncle Tom, Andrew Pierce?

Hmmm, I wonder if he 'll use his much-loved 'as a gay man...' line.

As a gay man in a civil partnership, I was often heckled and abused for opposing gay same-sex marriage.

I regard the law as a cynical political stunt by David Cameron in his misguided attempts to detoxify the Conservative brand and win new voters. He failed miserably - alienating countless core loyalists.

At the time the Bill was being debated in the Commons, I argued it could trigger a backlash against gay men and women if it was used to discriminate against those with strong views about why same-sex marriages are wrong.

The public was given repeated assurances that freedom of conscience would be respected if the law on marriage was changed. Those promises seem pretty hollow now.

PS Fagburn does think the threatened legal action against Ashers is using a sledgehammer to crack some Christian nutters.

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  1. I'm sure Andrew Pierce is busy researching lots of articles about the bigotry that drives young gay people into homelessness or suicide attempts.

    I can't say I'm terribly upset about the loss of these people's freedom to discriminate and its not really clear how that is bigoted. Still the Bible is pretty keen on racism and smiting sinners, but the problem for these people is that Christ wasn't in favour.