Monday, 3 November 2014

James Randi: Amazing!

You can watch this lovely BBC 4 documentary on the Amazing Randi, Storyville: Exposed - Magicians, Pychic And Frauds, on iPlayer.

Much on him and his boyfriend Jose Alvarez and their The Great Carlos hoax.

'The Carlos hoax was to show most of the media would fall for these stunts if they sounded attractive enough, and they wouldn't really investigate too carefully... But no-one in the media bothered to check up on one of these details - they could have picked up the phone and just checked and they would have found out that they were being deceived. It didn't happen.'

Sounds familiar.

As Randi says, it's clear some people just like believing fantastic lies.

That ending, though - wow!

Two homo chums recommended this to me - they're both called Darren. Which is fittingly spooky. x

PS James Randi's statement on coming out at 81. x

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