Thursday, 6 November 2014

Keith Haring: The Political Line

Andy Mouse, 1985.
“Haring understood that art was for everybody—he fought for the individual and against dictatorship, racism and capitalism. He was no utopian, but he had a dream that ‘nothing is an end, because it always can be the basis for something new and different.’” – Dieter Buchhart, guest exhibition curator

The Political Line will feature more than 130 works of art including large scale paintings (on tarpaulins and canvases), sculptures and a number of the artist’s subway drawings, among other works. The exhibition will create a narrative that explores the artist’s responses to nuclear disarmament, racial inequality, the excesses of capitalism, environmental degradation and others issues of deep personal concern to the artist. Learn more.

Please note that the exhibition contains certain artworks that are adult in nature; images included on this site may be violent, sexual, and/or political in content.

This exhibition opens on Saturday at San Francisco's de Young Museum of Fine Arts - if you're passing.

If not, there's plenty to see and read - and, sadly, fittingly with the commercial whoring of Haring, buy - on their website.

A prophetic Reagan: Ready To Kill, 1980.
Update: Guardian review of the show.

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