Thursday, 6 November 2014

Tom Daley Watch: Noooooooo!!!

The Olympic diver has posted a naked snap of himself in a rainforest on Instagram this morning.

While the pic was a throwback from the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore, fans believe it has all but confirmed the star will appear on the new series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! kicks off next Sunday.

“Is this a hint that it's true you are going on I'm a celebrity,” one fan wrote under the snap.

Reports have suggested Tom, 20, is part of the new jungle line-up, and bookies already have him pinned as favourite to win.

Ladbrokes are offering odds of 7/2 he will be crowned champ, with a spokesperson saying: "Tom's already been backed by punters and he's clearly the one to beat this year...

Daily Star - regular reviewers may recall the Star has a history of making up stories about our Tom, which turn out to be hilariously wrong.

Meh, any excuse to run this photo.

Maybe this is where Stephen Fry is heading off to?

PS Want to hear about an ex-Star journalist who quit after being asked to make up one too many stories, see Richard Peppiatt's new documentary, One Rogue Reporter .

OMG!!! Attention stalkers! Win a double date with Tom and Dustin Lance Black!!!

It's free to enter, but you're asked to make a donation.

Tom, admirably, wants half the money raised to go to the Brain Tumour Charity, in memory of his dad.

Lance wants half to go to the Human Rights Campaign - this leading American gay rights group really need the money; their declared income last year was a measly $38,500,000.

And the money that doesn't go on mega salaries, goes on imperial nonsense like this.

PS This is being plugged in the US gay media - hope our American friends read the small print about having to provide your own air travel and accommodation. 


  1. It's difficult to gauge where his fame is. You expect him to be considered "A List" and so beyond the sort of reality TV crap like this and the other stuff he's done and his career is nowhere near the kind of nadir that most celebs who do them reach prior to doing so, quite the opposite of course. So you wonder why, if he really wants to do TV that badly, he doesn't do better stuff. I assume he's just enjoying it all and accepts any offer that comes along of a nature that gets him on prime time TV and a decent pay packet. Good for him. Plus he has to keep Dustin Lance Black in botox and viagara, of course. And Tom must get lonely during the hours of sunlight...

  2. If only there was a video of him saying he is not going or a tweet from his brother....

    around 4:45