Saturday, 28 February 2015

Amanda Platell: Oh, Go Fuck Yourself

Mail Online.
Who is 'WE' here?


  1. Amanda Platell makes an anti immigration case all by herself. Fuck off back to Australia and give us a break from your repulsive wittering. If anyone doubts how nasty the Conservatives really are, remember that they employed this horrible woman.

  2. @ Pilgrim Fool.
    1. Because it will save the taxpayer money. Fewer people become HIV positive and need lifelong treatment.
    2. Because we have thirty years of experience to show that telling and encouraging people to use condoms doesn't magically result in every last person using condoms.
    3. Because this pill doesn't make more people have sex without a condom, it makes the sex they are having anyway safe.
    4. Because we pay for straight people having sex without a condom all the time - hormonal contraceptives, termination of pregnancy services, antenatal services, schooling and benefits for children who weren't actually wanted or planned