Monday, 23 February 2015

Guy Burgess: Stranger In Moscow

An interview recorded with Soviet spy Guy Burgess in Moscow in 1959 and lost for over 50 years has been discovered.

Recorded by Canada's CBC it is believed to be the only filmed interview with Burgess.

The notorious old poove appears to be very, very drunk.

More footage can be viewed on the BBC News website - a full report will be shown on Newsnight this evening. [Edit: 10.45 in here. LOL intro by Evan Davis; 'He was gay before it was allowed...']

PS Here's Benedict Cumberbatch as Burgess in The Turning Point. 1982 Newsnight feature on the opening of Another Country, with Rupert Everett as 'Guy Bennett'. Thought Alan Bennett's An Englishman Abroad would be on YouTube, but sadly no... [Edit: A devoted reader has pointed out it's on something called Vimto x].


  1. An Englishman Abroad is on vimeo: here.

    It's one of the gayest things ever fillumed. Alan Bennett, John Schlesinger, Alan Bates and Coral Browne.