Monday, 30 March 2015

Andreas Lubitz: The Blind, Gay, Cheating, Mentally Ill, Fitness Fanatic I Knew

Andreas Lubitz smiles from the front of the Daily Mirror, where the story is that the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 impregnated his lover, Kathrin Goldbach. Jeremy Armstrong says fatherhood “may have led him to crash” the plane and murder 149 people.

We learn that Goldbach planned to leave the “control freak”.

Armstrong adds:

       “Friends believe Kathrin’s imminent split from Lubitz and fears he could lose his job due to depression and sight problems may have tipped him over the edge…”

When you see words like ‘believe’ and ‘may’ in the same sentence, you realise that the report is light on facts.

Having heard from two unnamed sources that Lubitz was controlling, the Mirror notes Lubitz had “apparently been refusing to take his antidepressants”, was a “fitness fantatic”, had only “about 30% vision becasue of serious sight problems” and behaved like “Jekyll And Hyde” when with an air stewardness with whom he was cheating, shouting at and locking in a bathroom.

Over in the Daily Star, Lubitz is the subject of “gay rumours”.

Now Lubitz is dead we can all clearly see what he was really like. If only people close to him had been so knowing when he was alive and piloting a commercial airliner.

Whatever next?

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