Sunday, 1 March 2015

Gay Conservatives: Must Die

"There's this feeling among many gay people that gay and conservative is not compatible, just as there are some here at CPAC that feel that gay and conservative is not compatible,” [Gregory] Angelo said. “The fact that we exist shows that those people are wrong.”

The “we” in question is Log Cabin Republicans, the largest organization in the U.S. for gay and lesbian conservatives. Angelo has been executive director since 2013, and spoke Saturday afternoon on a panel about Putin’s Russia. Angelo said he is honored by the opportunity to speak about human rights abuses of the LGBT community in Russia; however, gaining the stage at home as a leader of the LGBT community was a battle itself.

The New Republic.

Odd how the gay right can only get anxious about Russian homophobia.

And how Russian homophobia only vexes the gay right.

Anyone for hegemony?

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